Three Card Poker is probably the most attractive game that everyone known and loved. Although this is an easy game, but newbies definitely have some struggle when starting. Follow X1BET’s article to expert Three Card Poker and turn from losing to winning.

Understanding about Three Card Poker

We need to know clearly what Three Card Poker is in order to find the easiest way to play and master this game. The Vietnamese name of this card is called Bai Cao (Bài Cào). But in English it has a much more luxurious name. Commonly known as Three Card Poker.

Southern side called it Bai Cao while Northern familiar with the name Bai Cao Lieng (Bai Cao Lieng). Other regions known as Three Cards (Ba Cây) or Three Kings (Ba Cào). 2 popular and basic types of Bai Cao: Bai Cao Cai (Bài Cào Cái) and Bai Cao Rua (Bài Cào Rùa).

Bai Cao Cai definition

This type of Three Card Poker will need dealer and players. There will be one dealer and multiple players. After the cards had been dealt, players do not compare cards with each other but with the dealer. When the result came out, the cash will be distributed by the dealer. Whoever wins the bet will receive the bonus as the amount they originally placed and vice versa

Different types of Three Card Poker

Bai Cao Rua definition

Winner takes all in this form of Three Card Poker. Those who participate will bet the same amount. Then the one has the highest point wins. The winner will take all the money from that round However, in the event that two people have equal points, the winning cash will be divided equally between them.

How to play Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker as well as any other game will have different playing styles and rules. Follow the guide to understand the rules of Three Card Poker.

Rules of Three Card Poker

Chơi bài ăn tiền

Three Card Poker has one special rule. It is unlimited in term of players. As long as each player has three cards. The score is calculated as follows:

  • Aces worth as 1 point.
  • Cards from 2 to 10 value as it is.
  • Jacks, Queens, Kings worth as 10 points.
  • Total point would be the sum of three cards. Highest would be 9 and lowest would be 1.

Placing bet with Three Card Poker

Before revealing your cards, there will be some additional betting choices:

If you think you have a good chance in winning, choose Raise – which means raising your bet

Choose Call if someone has already Raise. In this case, you will also have to raise your bet to the same amount as the fore person.

With experiences you can win big with Three Card Poker

Choose All-in to bet all the money you have in your account for the round.

If you feel your cards cannot compete with other, choose Fold or Stop to notify the dealer. You will lose all your bet when choose this option.

Important notice for player when playing Three Card Poker

Tứ quý Át

For those who are new to the game need to pay attention to the following things.

Always know the rules of the game: This requirement may sound excessive. But it is clearly to see that to play any card, you must know the rules. Especially if you play Three Card Poker online at the bookmaker. Players need to know the bookmaker rules since it may have distinctive rules.

Play from the lowest bet possible, do not be greedy. This is the smartest way to play Three Card Poker for newbies because you do not have too much pressure when playing.


Find the right time: players with experiences and observations will have better advantage in playing. Do not bet all-in at the beginning, choose the right time to do so.

Keep your budget stable. After all, this game made for purely entertainment, do not let it affect your life.


Three Card Poker basically is the same as other card game. Has its own rules and way to calculate point. The more you play, the better you known about the game. You can enjoy Three Card Poker at X1BET if you are too busy to go out.


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